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Automotive aftermarket product or auto service market Autos Articles | June 28 Cheap Allen Iverson Jersey , 2012
In April this year, the Jia Simeng asked the Group Purchasing Alliance's business model. This B2B business models to speed up the industrial chain operation efficiency, reduce operating costs, lower p...

In April this year, the Jia Simeng asked the Group Purchasing Alliance's business model. This B2B business models to speed up the industrial chain operation efficiency, reduce operating costs Cheap Alex English Jersey , lower product prices. Song Zhiliang told "Zhejiang" Reporter: "Group Purchasing Alliance mode, 4S stores do not have to worry about the price is too high to cause the vehicle to package the problem of high prices, manufacturers do not have to worry about the orders are too scattered to large-scale production can not be formed by B2B transactions, buyers and sellers can deal in the most flat channel B2B transactions between the enterprises to reduce transactional workflow and management costs, reducing the cost of doing business. "

Song Zhiliang hope there are more competitors enter the industry with a bigger cake. Automotive Lighting is an important car parts, like a person's eyes Cheap Nikola Jokic Jersey , especially the 1980s and after car ranks, personalized and in accordance with the regulations modified to become the industry trend, bi-xenon lighting industry in the next three years such as DVD navigation blowout market. Although we have gone through some detours, but we have confidence and responsibility to lead the domestic automotive lighting industry. "

Automotive aftermarket product or auto service market is emerging blue ocean, undoubtedly promising. Jia Simeng industry leader involved in the formulation of industry standards to assist the regulatory authorities to solve problems, to create a standardized system for the industry and their own future; technically in product development to take full account of safety standards and specifications match with the vehicle security and consumer demand for personalized good; gradually recognized by the mainstream channels at the same time looking for business model innovation. It seems Cheap Gary Harris Jersey , the Jia Simeng indeed the eyes of long-term, bi-xenon lights in the automotive aftermarket industry may already have a better starting point for the growth.

Theory, the future of car networking industry may be a large cake, but the real taste of this delicious cake vendor, may be few and far between. Especially the local car makers, those who are still feeling the stones Cheap Paul Millsap Jersey , the networking of cars in 2012 will remain in pre-layout "dormant period" to the real car networking concept into real market gains, still needs time.

However, this cake does not mind more and more local companies have to target it, although this is to invest more just to focus on long-term strategic.

Late last year, Xiamen King Long Motor Group announced in Beijing's "three Long (Xiamen Golden Dragon, Suzhou King Long and Xiamen Golden Dragon) will join forces to enter the field of vehicle networking and the dissemination of its core strategy - the wings plan. Following car dvd player the launch in June 2011 "On section through Cheap Jamal Murray Jersey , from the Yutong Bus, commercial vehicle advance the field of vehicle networking action.

Golden Dragon Bus to start the "wings plan" is just one example of the domestic car networking investment boom. Before addition to the Suzhou Jinlong car networking products, the G-BOS, a large dragon is also actively develop their own vehicle networking systems, the only action of Xiamen Golden Dragon in this regard slow some. In the passenger area, FAW Dikembe Mutombo Jersey , SAIC, Chery and BYD have the same right to enter the vehicle networking is ambitious.

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