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Children can begin to understand simple principles of logic as early as four years of age. By the age of seven they are capable of complex problem solving and able to consider the feelings and needs of others as well as their own. It is crucial to begin teaching children about money in the early years of their lives because they are competent to learn important lessons on responsibility and how to save for the things that they want.

Many children receive birthday money and it is often a large source of their income. This is a good opportunity to teach them about saving money. Instead of buying items for them between holidays Jack Wilshere Jersey , allow them to save for them and purchase them. They will be excited and proud when they take the trip to buy the desired item because it will have been earned.

Christmas can be an expensive time of year for all parents. Children often provide long lists without the understanding that money is involved. If children still associate Santa with Christmas then have them prepare his list with the most desired items and instructions on how busy he is. Allow them a budgeted amount of money when preparing the parents list. This is an effective way to teach kids about money. This allows them to learn to make choices and to realize the cost of items.

Encourage children to save their pennies in a bank and that they too will accumulate in a short period of time. To further encourage the savings a suggestion of matching whatever they save can be made. This is good for younger children not yet receiving an allowance, but wanting to earn money to purchase items.

An allowance is a good way to teach children that money needs to be earned and it should be started fairly early. They can be assigned particular tasks on a list to be done daily. As long as the tasks are completed they can be paid either daily or weekly for their efforts.

If at all possible, take your children to visit your place of business. Allow them to get the idea that parents actually do not play all day while they are at school. It is important for them to see that life will be a transition into working and that things will not be given to them.

Teaching kids about money should be a fun activity. We all know as parents that kids attention span is quite short Hector Bellerin Jersey , so keep it interesting.

Derrick Janson is an expert in Teaching Kids About Money . He has taught about teaching children about money topics such as allowances, budgeting, saving money and making money for kids.

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