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How to Rid Your Home of Fleas for Good with Frontline
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Frontline can help you to rid your home from fleas for good. This will make your life and that of your pets much more comfortable and healthy. Frontline can help you to rid your home from fleas for good. This will make your life and that of your pets much more comfortable and healthy.

Proactive Approach

If you are a pet owner then you will know just how problematic fleas can be. These small parasites can affect any furry pets and are so common it is almost impossible for your pets to avoid coming into contact with them.

- The important part of dealing with fleas successful is to take a proactive approach. Don wait until you spot fleas on your pets.

- By then it could be too late to prevent a full-on infestation. Instead you should work on the principle that your pets could already have fleas (or will soon come into contact with them) and take steps early on to prevent infestation with Frontline.

- This proactive approach is the only real way you can rid your home of fleas for good if you are a pet owner.

Frontline in Action

One of the reasons why Frontline is so effective is that it works to provide 247 protection for your pets against fleas. This product is designed to be introduced into your pets body either through tablet or droplet form.

- Once inside the body the Frontline will circulate in your pet system. This is harmless to them but fatal to fleas.

- Fleas can jump on your pets at any time. They can be lurking in carpets and bedding or outdoors in areas which are visited by other animals.

- Even if your pet has been treated with flea treatments this will not prevent them from picking up new fleas from infested areas.

- The great thing about Frontline is that if your pet does pick up new fleas it will work fast to kill them.

- As soon as the fleas bite your pets and feed from them they will ingest the Frontline that your pet has been treated with.

- This product contains substances that are fatal to fleas. This means they will quickly die and drop off your pets before they can cause infestations.

- If you keep treatments with Frontline up to date (at least every 3 to 4 months) then you should be able to provide them with 247 protection against flea infestations.

Home Treatments

In some cases you may already be experiencing a flea infestation. This means that as well as treating your pets with Frontline you will need to take additional steps to rid your home of fleas.

- Wash pet bedding on a hot cycle in your washing machine. This is a common site for infestation and the fleas will be destroyed by the washing process.

- Also use a home Insect Growth Inhibitor (IGI) product on the areas in your home your pets frequent.

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