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The night was deep, the breeze was blowing, and a few strands of hair covered the eyes. That day, you are like a flower with tangled fingertips, with a variety of styles, like a gentle wind, touching my heartstrings. Light a cigarette between your fingers, open the notebook Carton Of Cigarettes, look at your photo, and read the text you wrote with the heart of the blue heart. Pear blossoms are pure white and fragrant, peach blossoms are bright and beautiful, and the petals of Qingguoqingcheng have a faint fragrance. You put it in your fingers and write a line of flowers with flowers, which is in my heart long. For you, it is a crush, or unrequited love, or... other, just want to know you Marlboro Lights. Some people say that if they want to meet a woman Marlboro Cigarettes, they read her text, which is the soul of her heart. The cigarette burned slowly and filled the room. I read your words and your heart. In the season when Mo is blooming, beautiful butterflies are dancing, and you long for a romantic encounter! I pray for the pity, and wait for thousands of years of water to exchange with you, and give you a romantic encounter, and I only ask you to look back once beautifully, it is enough!: "Every bloom is the forefront, every mustard is the world; every love is karma, and every reincarnation is entangled. " I folded my hands and closed my eyes, you are wrong, not every time There are tangles in reincarnation, and I believe that 500 passes of the previous life is enough to exchange for a smile. Ten million times of reincarnation is enough to exchange for the flying of the world! "The wind blows away my thoughts... the half-inch cigarette is still burning in my fingers! ".
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