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Promoting Health And Comfort Through Office Design!
Posted by marywu on August 2nd Morgan Rielly North America Jersey , 2017

Today, many organizations are struggling to cope with problems that include employee absence, an increase of healthcare costs, a decrease in productivity, and employee retention. Businesses are trying different approaches to address these problems Ryan Murray North America Jersey , one of them being the focus on commercial interior design.

According to numerous studies, commercial interior design has proved to be a critical factor that facilitates employee retention, employee satisfaction, and employee productivity. Hence, organizations have been increasingly teaming up with professional interior design companies to offer employees an office environment that is pleasing Seth Jones North America Jersey , functional and comfortable.

While commercial interior design enhances the overall look and feel of the office space, it should also facilitate employees comfort, health, and productivity. Here are few elements that need to be considered before designing a comfortable and healthy working environment.


Lighting is one of the most important elements responsible for creating a comfortable and productive work environment. Workspaces should be equipped with the right balance of natural and artificial lighting. While there should be adequate sources of natural lighting including windows, skylights Aaron Ekblad North America Jersey , and ceilings, there should be arrangements made to control glares, shadows, and excess sunlight through the use of louvered blinds. Poor lighting causes several discomforts to employees such as eyestrain, headache Matt Murray North America Jersey , fatigue, and blurred vision, etc. consequently affecting performance. Hence, the workplace should be equipped with proper lighting that eases visibility and boosts productivity.

Thermal Comfort:

Human comfort or thermal comfort is defined as the employee's satisfaction with the working conditions. Employee's dissatisfaction often results when the temperature within the workplace is either too low or too high. It is essential to have proper thermal comfort which includes a good humidity level and air quality for a healthy and relaxing working environment. Additionally, if employees are given a personal comfort control to adjust their environmental conditions Connor Hellebuyck North America Jersey , they have a higher sense of satisfaction.

Ergonomic Furniture:

As employees spend long working hours seated in their chairs, it is essential to have ergonomic chairs with good back and spinal support. Select ergonomic furniture that has the flexibility to adjust to different body positions, support good posture and also has a good lumbar support. Ergonomic furniture helps employees adapt to changing task requirements, thus enhancing their concentration and productivity.

Biophilic Design:

Commercial interior design that allows employees to connect with the outside world from within the office environment makes employees both happy and healthy. Elements of nature can be easily incorporated into the office through a variety of means. It includes using office color, texture John Gibson North America Jersey , and fabric that resemble nature, adorning office walls with photographs, artwork or paintings of nature and using glass walls that expose employees to the scenic beauty of the outside world.

Glass Repair Professionals can Fix Glass Problems in your Home, Business, or Auto Home Repair Articles | February 2 Wholesale Team North America Hockey Jerseys , 2012
A fully licensed and certified glass repair company can offer services such as same day service, free pick-up and delivery, free loaner cars, lifetime warranty on work, and much more on their services.

There are a variety of professional glass repair services for your business auto Wholesale North America Hockey Jerseys , home, windshield and more that will provide you with service that is most convenient for you. If you are in need windshield or auto repair as a result of a major accident or a minor rock chip, knowledgeable experts can resolve the problem for you. You may be offered a loaner car while these experts repair areas such as a missing panel or crack. They can complete the job both efficiently and quick so you can get back into your vehicle as soon as possible. They may also offer a service such as picking and dropping off both you and your vehicle if it works better for your schedule. Additional services that may be offered by a professional glass repair company include:

- Handling insurance claims of all providers

- Mobile service

- Free written estimates provided prior to service

- Same day service

- State-of-the-Art-Technology

- Lifetime warranty on work

Call and schedule a free estimate for the repair you need done or just stop by. You may be able to opt out of getting your entire windshield replaced because a crack in the windshield that is less than 3 inches may only need to be repaired. A small crack or chip in the windshield may take around 30 minutes or less to repair. For safety reasons, it is always best to repair a small chip or crack to a windshield before it becomes larger and creates more expense and a greater safety issue. It is also best to work with a professional company that works with all insurance provider so won't have any delays in getting your repairs done.

If you are in need of replacement glass for your business or home, a professional glass repair company can provide every type that is available. These professionals may also install security glass in areas where there is high risk. If you desire to keep the energy costs manageable for your home or business Cheap Team North America Hockey Jerseys , energy efficient and replacement are available in a wide range of choices. Some professional glass repair companies provide glass replacement services for a home or business in areas such as:

- Doors

- Windows

- Storefronts

- Tubs and shower enclosures

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