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The Blackberry Bold 9900 And The Blackberry Torch-A Comparison Technology Articles | June 20 Dansby Swanson Authentic Jersey , 2011
The New Blackberry Bold 9900 takes the traditional Blackberry route of offering a phone which comprises of both a touch sensitive display and a full Qwerty keypad

Blackberry is undoubtedly one of the most powerful brand names in the mobile world. ?Their range of handsets have progressed from the companion of choice of the modern business person to the latest must have fashion statement. ?Research In Motion, the company behind the Blackberry name show no sign of letting their grip on the market slip in 2011 and have released two superb handsets that cover all areas of the market. ?The Blackberry Bold 9900 takes the traditional Blackberry route of offering a device which comprises of both a touch sensitive screen and a full Qwerty keypad whilst the Blackberry Torch pitches itself at the youth orientated market by offering a large touch display with the keys hidden on a slider mechanism.

Because the keypad is hidden behind the screen this means the Blackberry Torch can not only incorporate a bigger display but also slightly reduce the overall width and height measurements of the phone. ?At 111 x 62 x 14.6mm the handset is very compact but inevitably it does measure up 4mm thicker than the Bold 9900 thanks to the slider mechanism. ?The screen on this model measures 3.2inches and offers a great quality 320 x 480 resolution together with an ability to display up to 16 million colours. ?The Bold offers a slightly smaller screen than this at 2.8 inches but one that is even more impressive. ?Despite its small size it manages to pack a huge 640 x 480 resolution which results in stunning image quality and crystal clear graphics. ?Despite offering the full keypad beneath the screen the display is still touch sensitive which makes navigating web pages and applications a breeze. ?It really comes down to a matter of style over quality with these two models Freddie Freeman Authentic Jersey , the compact Torch with minimal buttons undoubtedly looks great but it is the Bold 9900 that will remain the favourite with business users.

Multi media facilities have become a vital aspect of modern phones and it is an area where traditionally Blackberry handsets have not excelled. ?Times change however and both the Blackberry Bold 9900 and the Torch offer a comprehensive set of features. ?There is very little to choose between the two camera facilities as they both offer 5 mega pixel resolution together with a wealth of other features to assist you in taking the perfect photograph. ?Image stabilisation helps reduces blurred snapshots whilst the autofocus means your pictures should always appear clear. ?Once again however the Bold 9900 has another trick up its sleeve in the form of HD video capture. ?This means the phone can record video at a resolution of 720p which is far superior to the Torchs VGA capture at a frame rate of 24 per second.

Blackberry continue to impress with their range and these two models are no exception. ?Whilst the Torch will no doubt have a younger market desperate to lay their hands on it the Bold 9900 remains the good old fashioned Blackberry device that we know and love, all be it one that has been brought bang up to date with some great features.

The Blackberry Bold 9900 is coming soon and the Blackberry Torch is available now.

Why Can't I...? Self Help Articles | April 28 Hank Aaron Authentic Jersey , 2015
How many times a day do you say Why Can't I? Most of us will say it just once a day. What if you could change your life by doing a couple of simple things?

Is this you?

- Why can't I make money like .... I do the same marketing as everybody else in my type of business

- Why can't I feel better?

- Why can't I have a better house, dog Greg Maddux Authentic Jersey , wife etc etc

- Why can't I have more money?

- Why can't I...?

Think about it every day there are people like you who are asking the same questions yet getting the same results.

What if I told you it is a simple problem that you can change in weeks, days and even hours?

When you are doing all the "right things" to get to where you want to be but you are either static or just going down hill then you have a subconscous mental blockage. Not this is not foo foo.

Scientists have proven that our mind controls everthing that happens to us. It is not outside sources John Smoltz Authentic Jersey , playing the blame game only makes your situation worse because it confirms to your your subconscous what you do not want.

ScientistPam Grouthas written books that give you simple and easy experiments that prove that what happens in your life in every moment of it is driven by your mind including your taken for granted body functions.

For the sake of this article though I am not going to flesh out the finer points of controlling your mind however I am going to give you some information that you can start using today that will assist you in taking control over your life.

So lets start with a simple example that everybody should be able to relate to:

Sandra wants to lose weight for Summer so she joins a gym and starts a new diet. Technically speaking with the drop in calories and the gym sessions of a total of 4 hours a week she should be losing weight at a steady rate. However, by week 6 all Sandra has lost is a couple of kilo. Sandra asks herself: "Why can't I lose weight? I am doing all the right things"

Answer: Like many Sandra has always had a bit of a weight problem and that is burned into her subconscous. Whilst physically she is doing all the right things to lose weight her subconscious is telling her that she will always be fat and will struggle to lose weight. It is a bit of a mental tug-a-war:

Conscous thoughts: "I will lose this w. Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys From China Wholesale NFL T-Shirts Wholesale Jerseys China Free Shipping Cheap Hats Cheap NHL Hats China Wholesale Soccer Shirts China Wholesale NHL Shirts Wholesale NBA Hoodies Wholesale MLB Hoodies

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